Florida: Legislation: HB 127 Proposes Giving $166,667 Monthly to “Motorsports Entertainment Complexes”

General Bill by Brodeur and Santiago (CO-SPONSORS) Hood; Hutson; Taylor

Motorsports Entertainment Complexes: Provides for monthly distribution of specified amount of sales tax revenue to complex certified as motorsports entertainment complex by DEO; revises definition of term “motorsports entertainment complex”; revises requirements for certification of facility as motorsports entertainment complex; specifies that DEO may certify only one motorsports entertainment complex; authorizes Auditor General to verify expenditure of specified distributions & to notify DOR of improperly expended funds. The bill proposes that “The department [of Economic Opportunity] shall also distribute $166,667 monthly to an applicant certified as a motorsports entertainment complex

Effective Date: July 1, 2014
Last Event: Died in Economic Development & Tourism Subcommittee on Friday, May 02, 2014 10:39 PM

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