LFN calls HB 7053 / SB 684 “corporate welfare”

Liberty First Network calls HB 7053 / SB 684 “corporate welfare.”

HB 7053 reauthorizes the State Economic Enhancement and Development Trust Fund (SEED). This is a long name for what amounts to a corporate welfare fund. The SEED trust fund allocates taxpayer money to huge corporations in the name of economic development. Granting “economic incentives” to certain hand-picked companies provides them with a competitive advantage. This allows the political class to influence which businesses succeed or fail in the marketplace. Businesses with the most political clout and lobbyists receive the corporate subsidies while politicians claim they are creating jobs. Power is shifted away from the citizen to the elite class of government officials. Consumers are left with fewer choices and less influence in the marketplace.”
Liberty First Network publishes its 2014 Florida Legislative Scorecard

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