CS/CS/HB 943 “Alimony Reform” Bill moves forward

General Bill   by Judiciary Committee and Civil Justice Subcommittee and Burton and Workman (CO-SPONSORS) Costello; Eisnaugle; Gaetz

Family Law: Provides requirements for calculation of alimony pendente lite; provides for determination of presumptive alimony range & duration range; provides presumptions concerning alimony awards depending on duration of marriages; provides for imputation of income in certain circumstances; specifies that combined award of alimony & child support may not constitute more than specified percentage of payor’s net income; prohibits court from changing duration of alimony award; provides that party may pursue immediate modification of alimony in certain circumstances; revises factors to be considered in determining whether existing alimony award should be reduced or terminated because of alleged supportive relationship; specifies factors to be considered in determining whether to modify or terminate award based on substantial change in circumstance; provides for motions to advance trial of certain actions if specified period has passed since initial service on respondent.

Effective Date: October 1, 2015

Last Event: Amendment 984545 filed on Tuesday, April 07, 2015 10:24 AM; Reported as “Favorable” from Civil Justice Subcommittee and Judiciary Committee; Bill referred to House calendar on 4/6/2015.

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